Office Space

Finding a headquarters for your trucking company can be challenging in the Chicago market. You often run into the “two out of three” problem. Most locations offer two out of the three requirements you need to run a successful trucking operation: warehouse, parking, and repair shop.

It’s nearly impossible to find all three in one place. We’ve looked. Unless you’re looking to buy or build a trucking terminal you’re locked out of the savings that large companies enjoy by having these features in one place.

We’ve built office space for rent so that trucking companies can enjoy these benefits, and more. By relocating your headquarters to our location, you’ll never have to shuttle tractors or trailers between your yard and a repair shop for inspections or maintenance. You’ll have access to a fuel island on site, where we pass the savings from bulk fuel purchases to you. We also have a scale, a warehouse, truck wash services, and ample room for parking.

We currently have 1,100 sq. ft. units available. Contact us for more information.